Charter Medical is a producer of single use disposable bioprocessing bags
Bioprocessing 2D Pillow bag with fluid and syringe
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Bio-Container Systems

pharmaceutical manufacturing professional producing bioprocessing gusset bags
Charter Medical designs custom bio-container systems for bioprocessing applications. Our bio-containers are used in upstream and downstream production. Our bio-containers are scalable to meet your specific applications ranging from 30mL - 1,000L. Our products meet USP Class VI biocompatibility standards and are manufactured in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom. Charter Medical's quality system is ISO-13485 certified.

Bio-Pak® Cell Culture Bio-Containers

Bio-Pak Cell Culture containers are designed for single-use bioprocessing applications The Bio-Pak Cell Culture containers incorporate our Clear-Pak® film chosen for its superior clarity and excellent performance in promoting cell growth and viability.

Bio-Pak 3D Gusset Bio-Containers

Bio-Pak 3D Gusset style containers are available in a range of sizes from 50L to 1000L. The 3D gusset design is ideal for preparation and storage of media and buffer solutions. Clear-Pak film is a single-web, multi-layer, co-extruded film which provides excellent gas barrier properties to minimize pH shift for greater product stability.

Bio-Pak Small Volume Bio-Containers

Bio-Pak Small Volume containers are designed for bioprocessing applications, storage and transport of sterile fluids. Bio-Pak Small Volume containers are available in sizes ranging from 50mL to 20L.  Our boat port design provides flexibility in tubing interface options and facilitates maximum recovery of stored materials. 

Contour Tank Liners

Charter Medical's Contour Tank Liners are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated tanks & totes. Contour liners reduce cleaning validation and sterilization of traditional containers. Most importantly, because they are single use, the potential of cross-contamination between different products is reduced.

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